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Gun / Pistol Grips, Ruger MK III, .22/.45 Gun/Pistol, Kirinite ®, Blue Ice

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Ruger MKII Gun Grips, .22/.45, Kirinite®

    Kirinite is a sophisticated resin, renowned for its amazing colors, its toughness, and for its non-slip qualities even though it has a smooth surface.
    It is an extraordinary material and looks awesome!

  • Fits Ruger MKII, .22/.45 Pistols
  • Laser Cut, Hand Shaped, Hand Sanded and Buffed
  • If you need ambidextrous safety, some special cutout, etc. please add a note to your order and contact us.
  • Customization is Available.  Just contact us.

  • 100% Guaranteed!
    Please Don't Hesitate to Contact us With Any Questions or Concerns!